Why Should I Join IANDE?

International Association for Neurodevelopmental Education

1. Why Should I Join IANDE?

There are a multitude of reasons why IANDE is vital to you and to your profession and our children. From our advocacy efforts to our scientific journals and conferences at major world universities, to our promotion of the burgeoning field of Neuroeducation, IANDE is working hard to ensure the vitality and the advancement of Neuroeducation as a science.

IANDE  will support you at every stage of your career and wherever your path leads. Access to our scientific journals, opportunities for renowned grants and awards, and the ability to connect and collaborate with like-minded scientists, practitioners, administrators, and parents, from around the world, our annual conference hosted at major world universities. 

IANDE members are part of a collective effort to advance Neuroeducation of all types across all areas of our diverse discipline. IANDE promotes scientific exchange, increases public understanding of our field, fosters innovation in methodology, and ensures that high quality research gets into the hands of policy makers, the public, and other consumers, and users of Neuroeducation. As an IANDE Member, you support these efforts, while benefiting from IANDE’s multitude of resources that help you in the important work you do.

These are just some of the many reasons your colleagues are already members.

2. Benefits of IANDE Membership

  • Become a pioneer in a novel but profoundly important global concept of Neuroeducation and neurodevelopmental sciences and practice.
  • Deal with concepts and applications not addressed by ANY current professional organization and is therefore non-competitive.
  • IANDE is truly interdisciplinary creating a common language for those involved with neurodevelopment and neuroplasticity in the educational world. Members come from the fields of Education, Psychology, Neurosciences, Occupational and Physical Therapy, Psychiatry, Speech and Language Pathology, Kinesiology and Physical and Sport education, Engineering and Educational Technology, among other disciplines.
  • Become a member of an organization addressing needs of children, school systems and parents that no professional organization of educators is addressing – globally.
  • Become part of IANDE to facilitate science-based advocacy as Education professional organizations tend to be trade union-based and science-based academic advocacy is not addressed.
  • Become part of the process whose organizational goal is to upgrade teachers’ skill sets to create the specialty of a Certified Professional Neuroeducator.
  • As, The AERA and other educational research organizations do not deal with neuroeducation and parental and professional, and administrative advocacy issues, membership in IANDE will encourage camaraderie, shared research ideas, discounts on courses, and public advocacy.
  • Current professional organizations do not include parents.
  • IANDE will allow you to share your experiences and learn from each other.
  • Fellow status in IANDE grandfathered for Fellows professional organizations.
  • IANDE will provide certification as a CPNE (Certified Professional Neuroeducator)

3. Membership Levels and annual fees

Fellowfirst year by invitation, no fee applied than by application and annual fee95 GBP
Memberby application, annual fee95 GBP
Associate Member (Student)by application, annual fee25 GBP
Affiliate Member(Non-professional parent member status) – by application, annual fee95 GBP

Reduced membership dues rates are available to scientists in countries defined as low and lower middle income by the World Bank.
IANDE is currently working with the publishers of the journal Brain Sciences to develop the Neuroeducation section of the journal and numerous projects have already commenced including the Special Issue on “The Brain Goes to School” (https://www.mdpi.com/journal/brainsci/special_issues/brain_school)

4. Advocates for Our Science

At IANDE, science isn’t just a special interest—it’s the only interest. IANDEis the premiere international organization solely dedicated to the advancement of Neuroeducartion and works diligently to increase support for Neuroeducational research and to promote the use of science-based Neuroeducation in the development of public policy. Furthermore, IANDE broadens public understanding of our science by ensuring wide and accurate daily coverage in major news outlets including Scientific American, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, among others.

5. Awards and Honors

From early career to lifetime achievement, IANDE honors the accomplishments of Members who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of Neuroeducational science that include besides “Fellow” status, Neuroeducator of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Award, Translational Research Award among others.